The New South Coalition Strategic Framework for Vision, Mission Statement, and Values

Who We Are!

The New South Coalition is an association is made up of Burger King Franchisees from Washington D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, East Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia. We have just over 60 Franchisee Groups operating approximately 500 Burger King Restaurants. The New South Coalition is a member of the National Franchisee Association (NFA), which is made up of Burger King Franchisees throughout the Burger King System.  The NFA, in addition to representing many other Region Associations like the New South is also affiliated with the Hispanic Franchisee Association (made up of  Hispanic Heritage operators) as well as the Minority Franchisee Association (made up of African American as well as other minority Burger King operators).

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A Vision for our Future

Our Vision is to encourage growth and strengthen our organization, in order to affect a positive influence on our future. Working together, we will protect our rights, while enhancing the value of our investments. 

A Mission that defines what we are doing

Our Mission is to assemble twice per year in order to share the joint knowledge and experience of the members and make it available for the greater good. We will use the collective power of our group to advocate our membership’s position in dealing with our franchisor and government.

Values that shape our actions

We value the contribution and opinion that each of our members bring to our group. 

NSCBK Meetings
New South Coalition Inc AND Mid-South Franchisee Association July 22 -25, 2018 Amelia Island, Florida